Assisted Living Research Paper

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The Topic of my research paper is How to Start Your Own Assisted Living Business. I choose this topic because I have some experience in the health care field. I am a certified Medical Assistant and I wanted to take my education to the next level. The Health care job market is on high demand and is one of today’s most dynamic fields with a wide range of opportunities. I came to realize that the older you get in this country options for housing, health and personal care services become limited. This information of choice fits in with my personal interest because I am very sympathetic, affectionate, and eager to soothe hurt feelings, and not to mention my leadership skills have always been great. An assisted living facility business…show more content…
These costs involve the purchase of land, building or remodeling, hiring, licensing, amenities, and many other things. You have to first obtain an operating license required by the state. Once again each state is different depending on where you want to open your business. You would have to go to your local States Health Licensing board to determine what you need. This process involves inspections and interviews and goes beyond the requirements for the average business. There’s also a three hour training course on Alzheimer’s disease or any related disorders such as behavior management, assistance with activities of daily life, activities for residents, stress management for the care giver, family issues, residential environmental and ethical issues. Assisted Living Homes are designed to provide residents with basic everyday assistance. An important aspect is that assisted care facilities provide a safe and comfortable environment for older adults who need assistance with duties such as bathing, dressing, shopping, cooking, grooming, arranging doctor’s appointments, medication administration and laundry services. These facilities have social and recreational activity programs designed to keep the residents active. The recreation groups provide residents with activities for enjoyment, exercise, and interactions with others to build character. Special activities such as luncheon,
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