Assisted Medication Administration : A Method For Predicting Repackaging Resource Needs

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There are ten scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles selected for the preliminary literature review and they are summarized below. The relevance of the articles and the research findings, research design and methods are included below.
Strykowski, J., Hadsall, R., Sawchyn, B., VanSickle, S., & Niznick, D. (2013). Bar-code- assisted medication administration: A method for predicting repackaging resource needs. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 70, 154-162.
(Strykowski, Hadsall, Sawchyn, VanSickle, & Niznick, 2013) conducted a study at two hospitals to know the effectiveness of barcode medication administration (BCMA). Data included scanning failures
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The results revealed that most failed scans were due to lack of a barcode on drugs or the inability to recognize the NDC labels by the BCMA database. After addressing the problems, a three-month pilot test was conducted on a patient care unit and the success rate of scanning increased to >96%. This study would be relevant to the capstone project.
Raman, K., Heelon, M., Kerr, G., & Higgins, T. L. (2011). Addressing challenges in bar-code scanning of large-volume infusion bags. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 68(15), 1450-1453. (Raman, Heelon, Kerr, & Higgins, 2011) conducted a study to identify a hospital pharmacy’s effort to identify the challenges associated with BCMA on large volume parenteral (LVP) infusion bags. BCMA has been shown to reduce medication errors and improve patient safety. There was a pilot implementation of BCMA system at a medical center’s intensive care unit (ICU).
After the implementation, (Raman et al., 2011) conducted a root-cause analysis by observing nurses’ scanning techniques by a multidisciplinary team, and it was found that there were scanning failures occurred which was from the placement of two bar-code imprints – one was a product identification code and the other one was a label with expiry date and lot number-adjacently. The staff was educated on proper scanning techniques, which then resulted in improved success
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