Assisted Suicide And Voluntary Active Euthanasia Essay

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In our society today, many terminally ill struggle with pain and fight through their disease. No methods have been discovered to cure these poor people. Everyday, he or she wish for relief on their significant unrelenting pain, but the only method right now is to end their lives. There are two methods that many terminally ill look to that are familiarized by our society, physician assisted suicide and voluntary active euthanasia. Physician assisted suicide is when the patient is prescribed lethal medicine by the doctor to commit suicide. While, voluntary active euthanasia is when a physician takes an active role in the action of killing the patient. There is often debate on whether or not any of these actions should be legalized in all states. Physician assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, California, Montana, Vermont, and Washington. Voluntary active euthanasia is illegal throughout the country. In my opinion, I believe that both voluntary active euthanasia and physician assisted suicide should be legal in every state. To start my argument, my first premise is physician assisted suicide and voluntary active euthanasia produce less suffering and satisfies the utilitarian moral theory. To defend this claim, let’s point out the consequences of these two processes. Both result in ending the patient’s life under their consent. Ending the patient’s life will produce less suffering because there is no cure and the patient will not find an end to their pain. There is no cure to
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