Assisted Suicide: Blurring the Moral Lines Between Right and Wrong

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Death. It is the inevitable outcome of this journey we call life. It is human nature to embrace self-preservation and prolong life as long as possible. In the end, death comes for us all. It can come in the form of an unexpected and tragic accident. A person is taken from this world as quickly as they entered it, leaving their loved ones in shock and grieving the life that was ripped away so suddenly. But what of those who are faced with their impending death before it even happens; those who suffer from terminal illnesses or have sustained injuries that cannot be treated? In these cases, the question arises; should these individuals be allowed the option to end or receive assistance in ending their life on their own terms? Should…show more content…
Is the individual suffering from pain that can be treated or abated? If the answer to these questions is no, then the quality of the individual’s life has been diminished. This is where humanity comes into play. Would it be humane to deny someone a peaceful end to a life of suffering because we, as the living, would be left with the moral consequences of our actions? It could be argued that the only people truly affected by these actions are those who survive the individual. It is the individual who is responsible for their actions and therefore the weight should not fall on the living.
One factor that should be considered is the state of mind of the individual seeking assistance to peacefully end their physical suffering. Does the person entirely understand the outcome of their choice? Are they without a doubt prepared to die without any chances of changing their mind? In some cases, weighing these questions can potentially cause the individual to reconsider their choice to seek assistance in ending their life. There are many cases where an individual believes the only answer to their problems is death, but with proper counseling, they are able to see things from a different perspective, resulting in a renewed hope and will to live. When death is a surety the will to live is much harder to embrace. When the events leading to this outcome are marred with pain
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