Essay on Assisted Suicide

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The purpose of this research paper is to examine the many different angles of a controversial topic such as physician assisted suicide or euthanasia. Physician assisted suicide (PAS) is when a person kills him or herself and the doctor supplies the means knowing what the intention is. The doctor prescribes a medication to their patient in lethal doses. This allows the patient to choose when they want to die. They can take the pills at home with friends and family present if they wish or they could peacefully go alone. Euthanasia is lethal injection by a physician. PAS is currently illegal in the United States of America with the exception of one state, Oregon. Euthanasia is illegal in the entire United States. Throughout the rest of the…show more content…
They created the Death with Dignity Act that would allow mentally competent yet terminally ill people to choose to die. The Death with Dignity Act was originally passed in 1994. The law was immediately challenged in court and prevented from going into effect. As the court cases proceeded, the Oregon Legislature decided the public did not know what it was doing when it voted and decided to put the issue back on the ballot in 1997. Oregon Death with Dignity won every court challenge and on October 27, 1997, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a hearing to challengers of death with dignity, allowing the law to go into effect. In November 1997, the voters of Oregon overwhelmingly voted to support the law. Support for the law has continued to increase since its implementation in 1997.

Supporting PAS

There are some people who believe that PAS is merely another decision that a human being should be able to make about their own life. It is peaceful and easy to prepare for. When a person chooses to die it is most likely because they are terminally ill. Meaning, they have a disease that will only allow them to live for a limited amount of time. Some elderly people want to have the option of PAS also. Sometimes, they grow old and their bodies cannot function the way that they used to. This is depressing and discouraging to an older person. They cannot see living the rest of their lives not being able to walk or hear or
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