Assisted Suicide In Me Before You, By Lou Clark

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In the book “Me Before You” is about this woman named Lou Clark. She lived in small town England. She used to work at a coffee shop. Then the owner shut the place down. So she is hunting for jobs. She found one as a caretaker for a man named Will Traynor. He was paralyzed. Will was a young man who was involved in business. He also was a extreme sports enthusiast. Until he got hit by a motorcycle while he was crossing a road. That event happened two years ago. He almost was almost fully paralyzed. Will's mom tells Lou to monitor him at all hours of the day. Even though he already has professional medical care needs. But will is a jerk to Lou at first. But he eventually warms up to her. Will and Lou’s relationship grows very close together. Until Lou really finds out why she was hired to watch out for Will. He attempted suicide. Will made his mom promise to take him to a assisted suicide…show more content…
Then Will realizes that he is no longer in control of his life at this point. After some more adventures the trip to Africa. It was absolutely breathtaking. Lou is so shocked by the exotic place. Then her feeling grow stronger towards Will at this point. The last night of the trip Lou kisses Will. She tells him her love for him. Then she tells him that she knows about the six month plan, but she wants to be with him for the rest of her life. Even though Will loves her too he is still going to do it. So in return Lou is so furious that she ignores Will the entire way back to England. But Lou gives in and so she spends Wills final moments with him. At Dignitas the suicide facility. Then Lou’s mom finds out about this and she is furious. So she tells Lou to return home if she goes. She still went to see Will in time. She shares a heartwarming moment with Will before he goes through the procedure. But before Will’s death he wrote a letter to
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