Assisted Suicide - Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility

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Physician Assisted Suicide
Brandon Tucky
SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
Carrie Quiza
April 27, 2012

Physician Assisted Suicide Physician assisted suicide has been an ethically intense subject to many people for decades. The U.S. sees this as an illegal and immoral way to end one’s life while many other countries find it is perfectly legal and moral. The determination of its true standing is one that will probably take many more decades to fully understand. Physician assisted suicide, or euthanasia has been a very serious debate for at least a decade now. It was brought to the main stage in 1998 with the arrest of Dr. Kevorkian, whom helped at least 100 terminally ill patients commit suicide. If this
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We told them no and within a few hours he was stable and looking better than ever. Unfortunately day and a half later things turned back for the worse but to think we would have unplugged him before it was really time really shook my decision making and moral being. Even though we had no choice at that point a part of me felt like I helped to kill my son but no one arrested me or called me a murderer for it. For all I know my son would have said he was doing just fine if he could have spoken. When my grandfather was dying of horrible prostate cancer years ago no one told my grandmother she was killing him when he told her to pull the plugs. Somehow when we ask the doctor to help us then all of a sudden it is an ethical issue. The doctor is there to help you be cured or at the minimum help to make your exit as painless as possible. The amount of patients dying in the hands of family members in hospitals today is in the thousands and a doctor is always there to assist. Somehow all these murderers are not arrested because they are in fact not murderers at all. I always told my wife if something happens to me where I am kept alive by machines or in pain every day then my wife is to pull my plug. No one will judge her for it. No one will put her in jail because of it. Everyone says it’s wrong and unethical until they are in the same situation in which point it’s all of a sudden just and humane. The United States needs to
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