Assisted Suicide Is Considered A Crime

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Assisted suicide is illegal in most of the US and has been for centuries . It has been a debate if this is right or wrong in many countries. An article about why it is illegal in the UK states that, “Assisting a suicide can cover a wide spectrum of criminality,” (Robinson, Vicki; Scott, Helen 2012-2013) . In this case, assisted suicide is considered a crime. When a patient is terminally ill, they have a disease that cannot be cured or treated sufficiently, so it can be reasonable to expect death within a short period of time as a result. The topics are; why people believe assisted suicide is inhumane, how it takes away a person’s right to make their own decisions, how it should be their own choice, they need to be in the right state of mind, an individual needs to be able to speak for oneself in order to make any final decision, and a family’s influence and impact on the patient. Assisted suicide was made illegal because it appears as if it’s “encouraging suicide,” (Robinson, Vicki; Scott, Helen 2012-2013). Death should be a right, it is more inhumane allowing the terminally ill to suffer a long, drawn-out death.

The values of assisted suicide and it being inhumane
What is really more inhumane, watching someone suffer until they die, or assisting their suicide to put them out of misery? When in intensive care or going into surgery, you can sign a paper saying you don’t want extensive care or measures made for you or do not resuscitate, DNR. Assisted suicide and DNR are
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