Essay about Assisted Suicide Is a Crime

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To commit suicide is not a crime, but to condone, and assist in it is. Why is it, that if one wishes to end his or her own life, should not be helped to do so if they are unable to in a honorable manner? If suicide is honorable anyways. I do not believe that suicide is good, or right, but if one wishes to end their life, why should they not receive assistance? Why should we force upon them, an extended life in which they would only suffer? I am rather indifferent on this subject, as the morality of choosing the fate of another cannot fall of the side of right, or wrong. It is solely based upon the circumstances, and position one is put in.
Many people around the world today suffer from many forms of disease, and handicaps. From cancer and tumors; to total paralysis and AIDS. Medicine and technology as so far advanced, that many many patients that contract ailments that were once considered a death penalty, now face new hope. While such things as AIDS, and paralysis are not curable, people can be assured a longer, and possibly happier life than they would have a few decades ago; but all this comes at a high cost. Medications can cost as much a a few thousand dollars a month, only to prolong a painful road to an inevitable end. In this scene, to assist it the death of a person who wishes it upon themselves can be thought of as an act of mercy. To relieve a person from their suffering, and their pain.
However, who is to make the decision that a person wishing to die, is of…

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