Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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What is assisted suicide? By definition, assisted suicide is suicide committed with the assistance of another person, usually a physician. This definition has changed slightly from the past. Assisted suicide used to be defined more as when a terminally ill patient would be assisted in their death by a doctor or physician. To some, it is a way to end the pain and suffering of a terminally ill loved one. To others, assisted suicide is considered killing people without giving them a chance. People also believe that assisted suicide, euthanasia, and hospice care are all the same thing. Assisted suicide is a worldwide controversy and has been for many years. Questions of morals and ethics come into play heavily when discussing whether assisted suicide should be legal or not. Assisted suicide is legal in only five states in the United States. Oregon being the first of those states, legalized assisted suicide back in the 1990s. Canada on the other hand, only has assisted suicide legalized in one Province. That province is Quebec and their definition of assisted suicide leans closer to being euthanasia which causes more controversy to whether assisted suicide should be legal in Canada. Other countries have a much more strict outlook on the issue. There are many positive uses for what is called assisted suicide that can help alleviate people 's pain and suffering in a beneficial way to the patient and family; however with assisted suicide comes the negative factors when ethics

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