Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Does a suffering person have the right to end their own life? That is the main debate behind assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is a very secret, but surprisingly available option for suffering people. The documentary The Suicide Plan focuses on the people who believe assisted suicide should be legal. The documentary takes us inside the hidden world of assisted suicide, as seen through the eyes of the people considering it. Assisted suicide is only legal for terminally ill patients in Oregon and Washington. Individuals in other states who consider assisted suicide are generally suffering terminal patients who want the same opportunity. There are many organizations that people can reach out to for information about the requirements, the step-by-step process, and what to expect. Patients understand that they will be killing themselves. The organizations have very specific guidelines for their clients. Organizations are not physically involved in the suicide, they do not provide any drugs or materials, and very carefully confirm the individual’s understanding. One of the many issues for debate is whether or not these organizations are aiding the suicides. But the laws banning assisted suicide are so vague that “assisting” can be interpreted in different ways. The question is: Is supplying information assisting? To which the Court has answered “no”. The issue is interesting because the people who are involved in this debate have polar opposite views and absolutely no middle

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