Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Medical Practice

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Assisted should be a legal medical practice in the United States. There is a lot of different opinions on this subject but; Is it really a question on if it’s the right thing to do? If a person is truly suffering and has no hope in getting better is it ok to end your on life; yes it is. Assisted Suicide is huge subject in our world right now, there are different types of assisted suicide but today we are going to focus on Physician-assisted suicide. Physician-assisted suicide is the act of a medical doctor who provides a patient with drugs or other means to end one’s life intentionally. Assisted suicide is a humane way that the terminally ill can end there life, to get rid of the dreaded never ending pan, to end their suffering and just…show more content…
In 2006 the case went to the Supreme Court, after many appeals, which the Supreme Court upheld the law. Then in 2008 Washington became the second state to legalize assisted suicide with a sixty percent yes rate. Montana became the last state to pass the Death with Dignity Act in 2010. With three states already with the Death with Dignity Act passed and with the Supreme Court to back it. Massachusetts decided to give the Death with Dignity Act a chance. The 2012 election day, the State of Massachusetts will vote whether or not to approve the “Death with Dignity Act”, a measure that would make Massachusetts the third state in the country to approve physician assisted suicide? The state has been split politically between the medical community and politically powerful Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has made no secret to its opposition to physician assisted suicide. The right-to-die idea was before the opponents provided a lot of testimony to get lawmakers to abandon the bill and stop endorsing it. With 80,000 signatures the “Death with Dignity Act” was put on the ballot. With Massachusetts being the national health care they could play a significant role in the developing debate over physician assisted suicide throughout the country. This act was later thrown out to due to a more popular NO vote on it. Oregon and Washington both have similar laws in the Death with Dignity Act. Montana
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