Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Or Illegal

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In 2013, 122 people had prescriptions written out to them to go through euthanasia, while 71 people actually went through with it and died from the medicine (FIND CITATION). Some people decide not to use the prescription after rethinking the idea. People have been debating for a long time on whether or not physician-assisted suicide should be legal or illegal. Some say that it is morally wrong to participate in any kind of suicide, while others say it is wrong to let terminally-ill people suffer when they have absolutely no chance at beating their disease. This is a very important controversy because people need to know all of their possible options when diagnosed with a terminally-ill disease. Patients are also supposed to make the decision of their care, and they cannot make the right decision if they cannot have all of the options. Physician-assisted suicide ought to be legalized in all states and nations to allow patients to have control of their terminal illness so they can decide whether or not they want to suffer for the rest of their short life or end it in a peaceful way. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was known for helping terminally ill patients commit suicide medically before most people even knew it existed. Kevorkian became famous in 1990 when Janet Adkins climbed in the back of his van and let Kevorkian inject a needle into her arm. However, Kevorkian did not inject the medicine in her. Adkins pushed a button that released the medicine herself. She decided to die

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