Assisting A Five Year Old Boy With Adhd

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Assisting a five year old boy with ADHD to Achieve in School Ashley Cleeves Kaplan University Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common disorders that a child can experience. The symptoms include difficulty staying focused, difficulty controlling behavior and hyperactivity. The inability to stay focused and the increased chance of misbehavior in a classroom can jeopardize a classroom’s success rate. The main goal that this student is striving for is to gather information, which will help this student understand how the symptoms of ADHD impact the success rate of a classroom. This student also wants to gather information about intervention strategies that will increase chances of success. Malekpour, Mokhtar; Aghababaei, Sara; Hadi, Samira (2014). Effectiveness of Family, Child, and Family-Child Based Intervention on ADHD Symptoms of Students with Disabilities. International journal of Special education, v29 n2 p29-34. This particular study focused on children in the third grade who all had a diagnosis of ADHD. The study was completed in the city of Isfahan in Iran. The study included a sample of 60 students who were chosen at random. The 60 students were split into four groups, which included three experimental and one control group. Each group included fifteen male students. Before the study began, the researchers used Conner’s parental rating scale to ensure that each student had a diagnosis of ADHD. Each student’s parent signed
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