Assisting Forensic Investigator Essay

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Assisting Forensic Investigators With Call Center Voice Recording Technology

Financial institutions, emergency response services and transportation facilities are just a few examples of the numerous organizations that use call center voice recording systems to monitor compliance and customer service delivery standards. Forensic investigators also rely on audio capturing equipment to successfully reconstruct crime scenes and monitor active incidents.

Audio Capturing & Forensic Analysis

Unlike eyewitness reports, audio and visual recordings provide an accurate resource that investigators can view, or listen to, multiple times. Although eyewitness accounts are a valuable tool, science confirms that more approximately one-third of all eye witness identifications prove inaccurate. Recollections change over time and witnesses may have personal motives that shape their testimony. Accurately determining a series of events that led to an automobile accident with fatalities is critical.

During a car crash investigation involving casualties, forensic specialists may review dozens of recordings. Depending on where the accident occurred, they may have access to law enforcement dash cams and cruiser dashboards, traffic cameras, cell phone videos, text messages, and video extracted from
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Every conversation has the potential to evolve into a life or death situation. To provide high-quality services to first responders, law enforcement agencies and victims impacted by an emergency situation, call center managers need state-of-the-art technology. Voice recording systems designed to make it easy for operators to focus on the caller and back-office capabilities such as indexing and search features that allow rapid playback and archiving in shareable formats provide opportunities to facilitate faster response and expeditious crime scene

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