Assistive Social Model

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In this essay I will be looking at how a better understanding of the social model and assistive care,makes for a enabling environment,I will first explore social model and discuss how in fact its society that disables people with impairments rather than there impairment. I will then see how the use of assistive technology can completely change the way a person and there family with impairments can liveable will then look at how with both social model and assistive technology help towards care practitioners to create a enabling environment for there patients.

Social model of disability was thought out by people with impairments and disability campaigners ,who soon came to realise that in fact it is society and the lack of enabling
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We also looked that how assistive technology can give a person and there family back independence and the comfort of safety while living alone,reviewing a persons home to see what technology can be put in place should be a important part of a care practitioners duty to there patients,as it can be life changing for them.
With care practitioners ensuring both social model and assistive technology remain a big focus in there care plan and hospital it makes for a enabling environment for all involved. The impaired then gain back a place in society and are not seen as just 'disabled person'.

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