Assistive Technologies For The Classroom

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Assistive technologies are any device or aid that makes completing a task easier. From something as simple as large print for the vision impaired, to more complex assistive technologies like hearing aids for the hearing impaired. Assistive technologies are designed to make life and learning easier. The use of assistive technologies inside the classroom is dependent upon many factors. From what support is provided by the school and other agencies, to the standards and regulations that schools must obeyed by. The most important factor though is the needs of the students and what assistive technology best supports their needs. Finding and deciding which assistive technologies best support a student can be difficult and
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Inclusive Education

Every child has a right to an education and equal opportunity. Special needs schools are becoming a thing of the past and students are being integrated into mainstream schools. In 1994 ninety-two governments and twenty-five international organisations gathered with the belief that all students, including those with special education needs, are entitled to an education delivered by mainstream schools (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, 1994). These like-minded governments and international organisations came together to outline a guide for all those schools who believe in inclusive education. Stated in the guidelines schools and support services were to receive resources to support student’s learning and ensure teachers are well trained (UNESCO, 1994). Assistive technologies, from Ipads to wheelchairs, would fall under the category of resources.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies are designed and manufactured to make life and learning easier. AT supports both the teacher of special needs students and the student’s development. There is a wide range of AT available and the appropriate AT is dependent on the student’s needs. Foreman and Arthur-Kelly (2014) stated, the task of finding the appropriate AT for students can be complicated and drawn-out. The task of finding the appropriate AT can be demanding and appear to be extra work
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