Assistive Technology And Employability Of The Disabled Persons

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Assistive Technology and Employability of the Disabled Persons: A Study with Special reference to India. S.Sathyaseelan Ph.D Scholar - Social Work (HRM), Research and Development Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, TN, India. Abstract An attempt has been made through this paper to explain the current situation in respect to the employability of the disabled persons in India and the various measures that can be taken to upgrade the disabled employees and ensure a more meaningful job environment in the current job market. This paper sheds light on the reason for low employability of the disabled persons and how assistive technology can change the same making the disabled on par with the able bodied and enable them to work on a level playing field in any profession. Key Words: Disabled, Visually Impaired, Employment and Assistive Technology. I. Introduction The society has to create equal opportunities for the disabled persons in the areas viz: education, training, work, entrepreneurship, participation in cultural and political life. Even though the government of India is endeavouring to mainstream these marginalized persons, there is still more scope for amelioration in terms of access of technology for these marginalized persons. Only technology can level the playing field for these persons and can make them sustain in today’s competitive world. II.Employment Scenario In India as much as is in many countries, the disabled and

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