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Assistive Technology Abstract: Assistive technology is one way that individuals with learning disabilities have been able to overcome the difficulties with comprehension that they possess. This form of technology comes in many forms, ranging from low to high technology devices. These devices, some as simple as a highlighter, help to organize and keep on track the individual with a learning disability. Assistive technology has many benefits to a student and helps individuals to compensate in their studies to be able to achieve all that they can in their school career. Assistive technology is often used by individuals with a learning disability. A learning disability “describes a neurobiological disorder in which a person’s brain…show more content…
The range of technology can be from low to high technology devices (Goodman 1). The Assistive Technology Act of 1998 combines both devices and services in their definition. The law provides that each state and territory has provisions for the availability of the technology for people with disabilities and that the services have to be available to them. There are many reasons why an individual with a learning disability would want to use assistive technology. To begin with, a person would want to learn how to utilize the forms of technology available while still young since these learning problems can persist through a lifetime. If a child learns to use these devices, they will have greater success through their lives, since they are now being able to function with the “norm”. Research has been conducted and it proves that the usage of the assistive technology devices improve the students learning experiences. Everyone who needs to use the devices should have them readily available to them. Learning disabilities are not meant to be fixed but are instead meant to be dealt with. The handling of the assistive technology helps students deal with an issue that they have, and since it does not go away, they need to learn to work with their gifts. Trying to make the problems disappear will not work, since a learning disability does not just go away, but it
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