Assistive Technology

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| Assistive Technology Evaluation | EDU 620 Meeting Individual StudentNeeds With Technology
Instructor: Deborah Naughton | | Rhonda Reed | 11/20/2013 |


Assistive Technology Evaluation Assistive technology evaluation must be in an initial or three year reevaluation. In addition, to the assistive technology is that it’s an ongoing process which is driven by a lot of changes in the student needs, but not limited to the participation, access, curriculum, or environmental changes. Assistive technology (AT) have become a vital component of the educational programs of students with disabilities. In which, is widely accepted that adopted toys, switches, computers, amplification systems, wheel chairs, memory aids,
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During this process the committee will meet at the school to determine eligibility and recommend services. Then committee will review and convene also specify on the agreed-upon services, in a document called Student Services Agreement.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against individuals who have disabilities in areas of employment, public services, public accommodations, transportation, and communication. Provision of auxiliary aids and services by public agencies includes qualified interpreters, note takers, transcription services, written materials, assistive listening devices, TDDs, videotext displays, or other effective methods of making verbally delivered materials available to individuals with hearing impairment. Also, qualified readers, taped tests, audio recordings, large print, braille materials, or other effective methods of making visual impairments are included in the definition of auxiliary aids and services.
A child or student with a disability may require an assistive technology evaluation. AT assessment team should be multidisplinary and involve educators, parents and therapists, who are knowledgeable about the school curriculum, particular types of impairments of the student, and assistive technology. This will also involve the parent’s participation to successful educational
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