Assistive Technology Lesson Pl Effective Instructional Approaches

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Assistive Technology Lesson Plan Effective instructional approaches are designed to look at how a student learns and how a teacher delivers the information to the student. When a teacher identifies the learning style of their students, they can effectively plan the instruction. The learning style approach to teaching requires the teacher to build lessons to include students different learning styles. A student with special needs will thrive in this teaching environment; they will be taught at their level of strength. Also, the special needs student will need additional accommodations and modifications in order for them to access the curriculum. Anderson (2007) states that “differentiated thinking empowers teachers to be responsive rather than reactive to the unique individual personalities, backgrounds, and abilities found within the students” (para. 3). In other words, an effective teacher is one who thinks about the student as an individual, with unique strengths and weakness, and uses this information in the design and plan of their instruction. They are effective because the build their lesson on the specifics of their students and not a one size fits all lesson plan. Individual Differences There are many components to a lesson plan. Included in the plan is the primary learning styles. Learning styles are a snap shot of how each student learns best. The lesson plan in the appendix identifies learning styles for several students. The lesson is for an algebra 1 class on

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