Assistive Technology Solutions For Students With Learning Disabilities

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Assistive Technology Solutions

Technological advances have increased access to the curriculum for students with learning disabilities. Assistive technology are the devices and services used to maintain or improve the capabilities of a student with a disability (Dell, Newton, & Petroff, 2011). Through these technologies, students with learning disabilities are able to complete tasks in the classroom that they were otherwise, unable to achieve. Prior to the availability of assistive technology, a student who was unable to use their hands or arms, would not have been able to write or type on a computer in the classroom. Additionally, students unable to read because of visual disabilities, or reading disabilities such as dyslexia, had a difficult time accessing information in the traditional classroom setting.
Assistive Technology Software
There are a variety of computer software programs and hardware designs available to use for students with disabilities. These assistive technology designs help the student to access information they were unable to do before. Text to speech software, such as Kurzweil 3000, reads the material aloud to the student. Documents can be scanned into the program allowing the student to have the computer read them the text. The student is able to complete the work independently; affording them access to the curriculum and a new independence. Another example of assistive technology is speech to text. Dragon Naturally Speaking, is a software program
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