Assistive Technology and Students with Visual Impairments

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One of the biggest technological advances of the past ten years is the invention of the smart phone. Today, most people cannot imagine living their lives without them. They bring an unlimited amount of information with just a few finger swipes. Smart phones are one of the most important types of developing technology for students with visual impairments and are becoming an important tool for the classroom for both students who are sighted and students with visual impairments. An iPhone paired with a refreshable braille display is almost half as expensive as a traditional braille note taker (Hong). The iPhone paired with the refreshable braille display can markedly help students in the classroom. Applications have been created to help …show more content…
Not only are smart phones important in the classroom, but they also allow students to facilitate social interactions. “Access to the social networking web sites and mobile devices […] is one vital component of enabling students who are visually impaired to connect with others academically, professionally, and socially” (Kelly). Social interactions in the high tech world would be much more difficult without technology like smart phones. The ease of access to information and social interaction today is unparalleled for both students who are sighted and students with visual impairments. Assistive features built into smart devices truly allow students with visual impairments the same access to information as students who are sighted. For the most part teachers adapt project and paper requirements to the needs of students who have visual impairments. Sometimes, however, teachers do not realize what is more difficult for students with visual impairments to do. For example, creating a PowerPoint can be very difficult for students who have visual impairments. When using PowerPoint, most students who have visual impairments prefer to use the help of sighted students to make the presentations visually appealing (D’Andre). This is because they are unable to correctly judge what is visually appealing. When it comes to writing papers, most students use computers or devices with refreshable braille displays
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