Associate Degree Versus Baccalaureate Nursing

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DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NURSES PREPARED AT THE ASSOCIATE DEGREE LEVEL VERSUS BACCALAUREATE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NURSES PREPARED AT THE ASSOCIATE DEGREE LEVEL VERSUS BACCALAUREATE Different levels at which a nurse is prepared have a strong impact on the nurse`s ability to practice in a health care setting. In the nursing profession, nurses are prepared at different levels. A baccalaureate nurse is a nurse who has completed a four years formal training in a university or senior college and has completed a 120 hours college and has acquired broader understanding in physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, political, economic and social issues. While an associate degree nurse is a nurse who has completed…show more content…
Another important advantage of the baccalaureate degree nurse over the Associate degree nurse is the critical thinking and decision making skills. On the course lecture note, on the nursing history and conceptual models, it states that the goal for seeking additional formal education is to strengthen the platform from which nurses make better decision, plans, and evaluation of patient outcome and in order to to do this , enhanced knowledge is required. In a patient care setting, a patient who came to the hospital with fever, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, and then lab result reveals an increase in the lactic acid level and low blood sugar. A baccalaureate degree nurse will go extra miles to collect more information on these finding to rule out infection in any body site, combining the subjective and objective clinical finding of this patient might suggest to the nurse that this looks like a sepsis case and the nurse with proper communication can suggest to the Dr what her clinical findings are and with early intervention, and quality management, other complication like organ failure and even death might be avoided. All these can be achieved by application of advanced knowledge into nursing practice for positive outcome, decreased mortality rate, effective communication, critical
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