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Teaching Note: Case 1 – Robin Hood

Case Objectives

1. To provide an introduction to the conceptual framework of strategic management using a non-business situation. 2. To introduce students to the process of problem identification and potential solution analysis that will be used in case discussions throughout the semester.

See the table below to determine where to use this case:

|Chapter Use |Key Concepts |
|1: Strategy Concept |Leadership for strategic management; sustainable competitive advantage; vision, mission, strategic objectives;|
| |external environment; internal environment;
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What is the purpose of strategy?

See Chapter 1, Exhibit 01: Strategic management consists of the analyses, decisions, and actions an organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages: • strategy directs the organization toward overall goals and objectives; • includes multiple stakeholders in decision making; • incorporates both short-term and long-term perspectives; • recognizes trade-offs between efficiency and effectiveness.

An interesting question that the instructor can ask at this point is: what business is Robin Hood’s organization in? Some students might say philanthropy, some might say robbery. The answers to this question will help students understand the importance of vision and mission: the leader must have a clear idea of the purpose of the business, and who it competes with, in order to craft strategy. If the business is robbery, there are different competitors, like highwaymen.

2. What strategic problems does Robin Hood have?

Robin Hood’s organization is in a profit squeeze: revenue is down and costs are rising. In addition, there are cracks in the culture of the organization. Issues that need to be addressed include: • How to avoid detection of the growing organization? • Has Sherwood Forest become too small to sustain operations? • What to do about the growing strength of the Sheriff’s forces? • How to address organizational
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