Associating with Different Groups

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There are various groups that I can associate with starting from the religious group that I go to the temple with, the group of work mates, the neighbors that we occasionally gather for company, the fellow business women who have jewelry shops like mine, the group that I always join up with at the gym, the members of our extended family that I always come into contact with during the annual celebrations and other occasion that bring us together and the group of fellow student with whom we undertake masters studies. The five most important groups are the religious group, the family group members, the business associates group, the group of neighbors and then the workmates with who I spent almost every single day. The first basis of identity with the groups is the depth of closeness that is determined by the benefits that I derive from such closeness. The religious group association is closest to me since it fulfills the spiritual needs that I have, a fulfillment that I cannot find elsewhere. The next level is the extent of my participation in their activities, I associate more wit the group that allows me to participate in most of their activities, hence the family group that we do almost everything that is significant to our lives. The next level is the financial benefits that come with such an association. This is where the business partners come in since from their association, I can be able to run my business smoothly. My basis is a bit different from other
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