Association Among Self Photography And Self Esteem, And Narcissism

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Association Among Self-Photography and Self-Esteem, and Narcissism

The procreation of social media in daily life has caused various questions about how individuals display themselves in these platform. The recent studies explored the association between self-esteem and the posting of self-photographs on a social media networking site such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Social media arenas have become strikingly popular in the past decade serving the varied communicative intentions. Despite the accelerated rise in social media networking industry, the research has been passive to study the behavior on social media such as self-photography which has been a general issue of conversation in day-to-day life. One of the big questioning is about what one 's behavior on social media might express his or her personality traits. Self-esteem and narcissism have frequently been considered as crucial awareness in the growth of selfie industry (Cosima, 2016; Mirshak, 2016). Individuals with narcissistic personality may be more likely to post selfies on social media networking sites than others. Actually, a recent research study revealed that the frequency of selfie postings on social networking sites was notably correlated with self-reported narcissism among adult males (Tomko, 2016). Besides, since it is possible for individuals to discreetly pick and edit the posts, and even decide who is not allowed to access their posts, individuals with low self-esteem may be more likely…

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