Association Between Internet Addiction And Obesity

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Association Between Internet Addiction and Obesity Anjali Patel The University of Findlay Abstract This paper illustrates the connection of information and communication technology with obesity. The use of the internet is increased. Some researchers found that People are avoiding daily activity due to internet addiction. As a result, life style becomes sedentary. In contrast, some researchers believed that obesity is not associated with internet. This paper thus tries to focus light on the cause of the burning health issue obesity. Encouragement of obesity by internet addiction One of the burning health issues globally is obesity. The popularity of obesity is increasing in developed and developing countries. Globalization and the growth of social economy have endorsed upward trend of obesity throughout the world (Deng et al, 2014). The Internet has become an essential tool for communication, social interaction, study, information, and entertainment. Moreover, the Internet has moved into homes, schools, Internet cafes, and businesses, the extensiveness of Internet addiction has been increasing rapidly. Internet addiction is characterized as poorly controlled Internet use by avoiding daily activity (Jung et al, 2010). The human obesity means a state of being in which the natural energy reserve, accumulated in the fatty tissue of humans, increases which it leads to harmful health conditions or death (Matusitz et al, 2012). Deng et al illustrated that
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