Associations Between Major Depressive Disorder And Bipolar Disorder

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Associations between Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder
Major Depressive Episodes are prominent in Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder which can create difficultly to the differentiation of the both. As found in Forty (2008)’s study, Major Depressive Episodes contributes to the optimum management of the two disorders, which they also suggest that it is of great clinical importance to be able to distinguish between them. (Kennedy, Lam, Parikh, Patten, & Ravindran, 2009). To have the best effect of treatment, a correct diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder must be made, furthermore for an individual to be prescribed for the wrong treatment such as an antidepressant treatment for bipolar
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Forty suggested that the knowledge of his experiment may raise an aware and better improve the use of pharmacological management in patients (Forty., 2008).
Clinicians need to be cautious with the way they analyze their patients as it is rather common for a patient to be misdiagnosed. They may also have to take into account that most patients with a Bipolar Disorder are present with depressive episodes rather than mania as their first symptom, moreover it is crucial to be suspicious of both Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder during the onset of Major Depressive Episodes in patients. In contrast, a person may have a Major Depressive Disorder with certain mixed features that may not be met with other symptoms in a Bipolar Disorder Spectrum however the missed symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder raises a red flag as that is the first indication that the person is on its way to developing Bipolar I or Bipolar II.
As mentioned, on initial presentation, Bipolar disorder tends to be misdiagnosed more often than Major Depressive Disorder. When misdiagnosed of any disorder, the results become ineffective in the treatments, which can ultimately worsen the outcome in patients. Thus, medications must be thoughtfully selected by practitioners and must be given at an adequate dose to patients for a satisfactory duration. Correspondingly, the right treatment needs to be met for the correct patients otherwise a misdiagnosis may cause ineffective
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