Assumptions In The Film Atonement By Joe Wright

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Assumptions are necessary for us to function as humans, if we did not make assumptions we would have died out as a species long ago. In the film "Atonement", director Joe Wright tells the story of a young Briony who has chosen to tell a terrible lie, one that will forever disconnect her from her sister, her happiness, and herself. This text begs the question of assumptions; why we need to understand them, why we need to know when to admit they are wrong, and why we need to be able to accept the consequences of them. The topic and overall meaning that this idea holds conveys a message that resonates with the idea that assumptions are sometimes a major factor in how individuals go about taking responsibility for themselves. Until an individual can take responsibility for the actions resulting from their own assumed reality, their attempts to take responsibility for themselves will ultimately fail.

If an individual’s assumption is forced to fit into reality, that may give them the obligation and personal responsibility to reshape reality to fit their assumptions. As a thirteen year-old Briony was a very curious girl, but she was interested more specifically in the nature of adults. There is a scene that Briony observes, where Cecilia and Robbie are arguing next to a fountain, and then Cecilia jumps into the fountain as Robbie watches. Although Briony watches the events out of curiosity, she does not grasp the understanding of why the adults act the way they do,

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