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Introduction Assumption/Hypothesis Confirm a common assumption about data statistics: data statistics are accurate in calculation but can be misleading in interpretation and decision making. Background “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This quotation is often attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, the 19th century British Prime Minister. In research studies, Statistics allow us to distill a large number of experiences down to a few simple truths. But the truths may not be important, or they may be misleading and imply that something is true that isn 't, or that something is important when it is not. The bad point about statistics is that that it tells you the conclusion without knowing the reasons behind it.…show more content…
On the good side, Statistics can force us to look at data and facts, rather than relying on the opinions and letting strong personalities force their beliefs on others. In general, Statistical thinking uses data to separate variation from special causes and variation from common causes, thereby aiding decision making and learning. Problems of higher dimension are often beyond us unless we break out our statistical tool kit to study the situation. For example, it helps the call center manager understand how contact resolution, waiting time, agent professionalism, and the phone menu combine to create customers who return to buy more, or customers who abandon you and tell their friends to stay away. Therefore, we have heavily relied on statistical information in dealing with business progress and product development in reality. But what if the statistical information is misleading in the scale of data or just trying get public attention for advertising purpose? The statistical information will lose its original focus and become something like propaganda. Purpose I am using the observation of my current statistics’ class, Data Analysis for Manager, as a tool and also an example to verify my assumption which data statistics is accurate in calculation but can be misleading in interpretation and decision making. Observation Lesson: The instructor has prepared slides for each chapter and each section in PowerPoint format and uploads discussion question
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