Essay on Assurance of Learning Exercise 1a

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Assurance of Learning Exercise 1A, Step 4 Using the Cohesion Case, the information, the 2009 Annual Report, and the Industry Survey document, on a separate sheet of paper list what you consider to be MCD’s three major strengths, three major weaknesses, three major opportunities, and three major threats. Each factor listed for this exercise must include a %, #, $, or ratio to reveal some quantified fact or trend. These factors provide the underlying basis for a strategic plan because a firm strives to take advantage of strengths, improve weaknesses, avoid threats, and capitalize on opportunities. Strengths: S1: Highly successful and recognized advertising (I’m loving it) S2: Strongest Brand Image as the number-1…show more content…
As related to your college or university, list five factors under each of the four headings. Strengths: S1: Students can either earn their degrees at the campus or online. S2: Is the largest private, non-profit school in the country and the largest four-year school in Virginia. * Between 1992 and 2009, fall enrollment increased from 8,500 to 46,949. * An increase of 38,449 students, or 452 percent. * With more than 80,000 taking classes online. S3: The fiscal contributions alone are making an impact on local business, Liberty staff, employees and staff was responsible for $268 million in direct spending to Lynchburg area in 2009. * A net $180 million remained in the state * Creating close to $283 million in activity * Every Liberty dollar spent in Virginia in 2009 ultimately generated $1.57 in overall economic activity. S4: Diverse student body and faculty. * Residential: 49% Male, 51% Female * Online: 41% Male, 59% Female * The student body represents all 50 states (and Washington D.C.) and over 95 countries. S5: Liberty University’s ranking in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities (South), 65. Weakness: W1: The number of faculty available and qualified to teach on-line distance learning courses and the technology
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