Assyria Research Paper

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Wine was an unknown drink to most. It was first drank at the “greatest feast in history” (Standage, 43) in Assyria, hosted by King Ashurnasirpal II (Standage, 43). In Mesopotamian, most people haven't drank or even heard of this new drink, only the best could drink it. Though wine was used for religious purposes as well (Standage,46). In Assyria, wine became apart of an elaborate social ritual. The book says “wine and it’s associated drinking paraphernalia became emblems of power. Prosperity, and privilege.” (Standage, 47). Production of wine became full swing by the time other pharaohs and kings acquired a taste for wine, vineyards started popping up (Standage 48). Wine eventually became a social drink, and in Greece beer was considered a…show more content…
Then eventually people cared for the age of the wine , it had seemed the older the wine, the better (Standage 55). This ideas and morals placed by the Greeks from wine spread wherever the wine went to. The book says “with its carefully calibrated social divisions, it’s reputation for unparalleled cultural sophistication, and its encouragement of both hedonism and philosophical inquiry, wine embodied Greek culture” (Standage 66,67). Wine from Greece spread all around, as did its influence on Greek culture. Wine became so distinguished that is became a symbol of the one who drank it, “a mark of wealth and social status of the drinker” (Standage 75). In Rome, different herbs and spices were added to wines, especially to the cheaper wines to hide the bad taste or imperfections. Mulsum, a drink drank by the higher class. While the Roman soldiers drank posca, it turned into a vinegar like substance, they drank when wine was unavailable. Lora, considered the worst wine of all, was drank by the slaves, it was a thin, bitter drink. “From the legendary Falernian down to the lowly lora, there was a wine for every rung on the social ladder.” (Standage
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