Aster: A Fictional Narrative

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Alex was amazed at the sight of them, admiring the blue and orange body's floating through the air. Aster was confused, still in shock, he involuntarily moved closer to them. Once he reached the middle of the room the arguing creatures noticed his presence. They both jumped back in unison, staring at each other as if waiting on who will move first. The blue one noticing Alex hiding behind the door, immediately moving towards him. Aster, noticing this, jumps in the way, grabbing his brother and running towards the front door. Aster slams through the door, falling to the hard, wooden, and cold surface of the front porch. Alex lifts him up, not taking his eyes off of their surroundings. Where there was supposed to be a soft snowing land was replaced with a cold white nothingness. Everything was like a…show more content…
“What do you mean survi-” Aster was immediately cut off. “How do we play?” Alex asked. Aster gave him a look of shock, wondering, “why he was playing along?” Aster watched silently as the beings talking, still afloat, explained the game. All Aster truly wanted to know was what happened, how does any of this make sense, and how to get everything back to normal. The creatures, who later tell the boys they are called Sprites where they come from, tell them that there was no way to win. “It’s all apart of her plan,” the blue Sprite speaks up. “She’ll find a few creatures from a random dimension and torture them to the brink of insanity.” “Sadly that is true,” the orange Sprite adds on. “You will be faced with some of you deepest fears, most gruesome memories, but most of all,” he pauses. “You will be faced with each other. Please try to keep in mind that everything in here is a imitation of the real world. The only thing that can hurt you is
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