Asteroid Mining is Becoming a Reality

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As technology and research progress, the pros and cons of asteroid mining have become more apparent. One issue is the way minerals and metals from asteroids will be treated on the market because first, a company or industry must “claim” an asteroid as theirs for mining. Therefore the questions start appearing, is that ethical, moral, legal? By looking at the gasoline extraction industry and comparing it to the asteroid mining industry, hopefully it will give humanity a glimpse of what could happen if asteroid mining ensues.
To better understand the asteroid mining industry, a brief understanding of how asteroids are composed and useful is essential. Asteroids are pieces of rock, mineral, and metal in a compact form. There are an indefinite amount of asteroids in our solar system today and about 9,000-10,000 known around Earth. The exploration of asteroids has found that they contain trillions of dollars worth of minerals and metals including gold, silver, platinum, iron, nickel, water, and hydrogen. These valuable metals, for example platinum, is available up to grades 100 ppm on asteroids, whereas the mines in South Africa contain 5 to 10ppm (Sonter.) Because of the amount of available resources and the quality at which the resources can be found are the obvious reasons why this industry may explode. Asteroid mining is the extraction of…
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