Asteroids Persuasive Speech

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Nowadays there are many speculations out there as to how the world will end. An asteroid hitting the Earth is the most logical of them all. With so many asteroids shooting past the Earth on a daily basis one is bound to hit us and will end the world as you knew it. This is the type of disaster that would be hard for society to prepare for. With asteroids shooting through space one will ultimately end the world as we knew it. You would think that with all of the technology everywhere that there would be a way for someone to stop an asteroid from ending all existence. When an asteroid comes our way there will be no way to stop it, and it will ultimately end the world as you know it. With so many astronomers out there watching everything…show more content…
Not only would it kill off most of the humans it will also kill of most of the plant life and animal life as well. According to Jaroff (2000), “...As recently as 1996, an asteroid about a third of a mile wide passed within 280,000 miles of Earth--a hairbreadth by astronomical standards. It was the largest object ever observed to pass that close and, had it hit, would have caused an explosion in the 5,000-to-12,000-megaton range’’ (p. 80). If this asteroid was so close to Earth less than twenty years to go who’s to say that there isn’t another one coming that will actually strike Earth and change the world as we knew…show more content…
According to Seminiuk (2003), “As the dust and debris re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, the searing heat caused by friction spelled doom: it heated the air to a temperature at which whole continents simply ignited. Three-quarters of all plant and animal species, including the dinosaurs, were wiped out” (p. 178). With the temperature also changing anything that is still alive will die not too long after because of the life not being able to adapt to the new changes to the world. The sun would also be blocked by the debris and all things that are still living would be faced with yet another obstacle. With all the environmental changes it is likely going to cause many different types of weather such as flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornados. With the swift changes to the environment the weather that is is likely to bring is deadly to the ones who survived the asteroid impact. It would also be hard for the people to find shelter away from the weather with everything now being gone. When an asteroid comes at Earth there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do it stop it. All you can do is wait and watch everything in the world change in a blink of an eye. There are going to be so many unprepared people who will realize when the asteroid is on it way towards them that they should have done something to prepare for the impact that will soon end everything that
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