Asters Operations Analysis

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Sales Planning and Operations
Unit 20

Mohamed Ashhad

Table of Contents
Task 1 (Sales plane) 3
Executive summary 3
Situational Analysis 3
Pestle Analysis 3
Market Analysis 4
Industry Description and Outlook 4
Target Market 4
How Asters Can Make Place for Its Products in the Economy 5
SWOT Analysis 5
Competitor Analysis 6
Action plane 6
Product and strategy 6
Price and strategy 6
Promotion and strategy 7
Place and strategy 7
Sales people 7
Implementation and control 7
Task 2 8
P1.1.How personal selling supports the promotion mix 8
P1.2.Buyer behavior and the decision making process in different situations 8
P1.3. Role of sales teams within marketing strategy. 9
Selling consultatively: 9
Management of sales: 9
Smiling and Dialing: 10
P3.1.How sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives 10
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Asters two big stores in Male’ and they sell internationals brand in the stores like Apple iPhone and more.
Imports mixed item and cannot focus on one brand or product, manage profit from other product even if one product does not sell. Asters do not have international channels they are 100% local.
Increasing job opportunities has changed purchasing behavior. Electronic exhibition and trade fairs organized in Male’ is opportunity to increase market. More people coming to Male’ and near Male’ is also a big opportunity for Asters.
Competitors like STO, LeCute are growing rapidly; they offer similar goods with either lower price or associate benefits. People do not buy story books from Asters bookshop because they can download those books from the smartphone.
Competitor Analysis
A competitive analysis is the analysis of your competitors and how your business compares. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competition, you can begin to formulate how to give your company an advantage (Graves,
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