Asthm A Chronic Respiratory Disease

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Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that mainly affects the lungs. It is caused by inflammation of the airways resulting in wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness of the chest. Asthma can often be mild but there are times in which it can become fatal. Although it is most commonly diagnosed in children, people of all ages can be affected by it. As of now, no cure has been found for asthma, this means that any individual affected by asthma, even if they are well, still have the disease and could have an attack at anytime. Thankfully, however, even though no cure has been found yet, advancement in our knowledge and treatment helps in preventing and managing the disease, enabling those who are affected to live a normal and active lifestyle.…show more content…
Asthma attacks also known as flare-ups or exacerbations occur when the airways are irritated and when certain symptoms are more intense than usual. Airways are the tubes that carries air in and out of our lungs and as mentioned earlier those who are affected by asthma have their airways inflamed. When asthma triggers such as indoor allergens or secondhand smokes are exposed to the inflamed airways the muscles around them tightens and aggravates its swelling. This causes airways to narrow down making it more difficult for air to flow through our lungs and thus lead into asthma attacks. In addition, mucus can build up and clog the airways causing the asthma to
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