Asthma Attack Case Study

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CASE INCIDENT The Asthma Attack In March of 2013, a teenage boy visiting a Tim Hortons franchise in London, Ontario suffered an asthma attack. The 17-year old boy was having difficulty breathing and gasping for air as her tried to get the attention of employees. According to a customer who witnessed the incident, an employee asked “What do you want?” kind of rudely and all the boy could say was, “Help” and “Phone”. Employees told him the phone wasn’t for customers and directed him to a payphone across the street at a variety store. According to the witness, “The teen boy was going between the two tills, there were five or six employees… he was visibly in distress. They didn’t ask if he needed help. The whole time, not of…show more content…
In respect to liability and overall reputation of Tim Horton’s this is very important in avoiding future incidents such as this. The information I would collect by doing an organizational, task and person analysis is: ORGANIZATIONAL Since this is the study of the entire organization in respect to strategy, environment, resources and context. Each of these facets provides useful information in respect to training needs and also for the probability of successful transfer of training to the workplace. It is necessary to asses a few important factors: does Tim Hortons have the resources in terms of money, time and expertise to design and deliver an adequate training program? It would be beneficial to promote a learning culture where employees recognize that learning is part of their job and that learning is an essential part of work life. By considering these factors, both the training transfer and the culture of the organization provide information about whether or not the training is likely to be successful. TASK ANALYSIS Task analysis is the process of obtaining information about a job by determining the duties, tasks, and activities involved and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in performing each task. There can be broken down into six
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