Asthma Foundation Of Americ A Case Study

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I am the manager of the Asthma Foundation of America. The organization is a non-profit company established in 2011 and located in Atlanta, Georgia. The main goal of the organization is to provide educational programs for asthma patients, healthcare providers, and communities affected by this chronic disease. The organization will also help to raise funds for asthma facilities throughout the state and invest grant awards to researchers to enhance the overall prevention and control of asthma disease. This will help to improve further treatment to manage this disease and assist with groundbreaking research for cures. However, the organization has expanded nationwide to make sure all people over the United States get assistance primarily over asthma disease and live sufficient life. …show more content…

Additionally, I have decided to expand and improve the organization’s reputation and name by offering online and on-site educational programs, and create new research programs for further investigations to find a cure for this disease. Being in a managerial position, I should say that it requires more of responsibilities and duties of the whole association itself rather than just focusing on one side because it’s dealing with multiple locations throughout the states and its development organization.
As for being a manager, I am faced with following responsibilities, which I have to perform in regards of my ability and proper understanding of my duties. First, recruiter: as of a manager, I am responsible for hiring great staff members. My responsibilities also include marketing or advertising organization’s vacancy, scheduling employees, and interviewing new applicants. Additionally, as of manager, it is very important to ensure staff provided adequate training to new hire

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