Asthma Intervention

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Three intervention John can use to make the school district “asthma friendly” include providing asthma education, providing environmental pollution safety for school, and promoting collaboration between schools and families about asthma prevention. First, John should start with asthma education to encourage parents of children with asthma to seek health care providers for developing an asthma management plan. Second, he should encourage parents not to smoke inside their homes and school staff should not smoke in school grounds. He should also recommend schools for yearly pest control, banned smoking around the school properties and school bus, and promote a clean air system inside each school by controlling moistures to reduce mold and using fans and/or opening window to help the airflow. Third, he should recommend collaboration between school staff and parents about asthma preventions.…show more content…
Parents and school staff should know some basic asthma interventions to reduce asthma problems, such as vacuuming classrooms and house daily, keeping bedding covers clean, improving ventilation to reduce dust mites, and keeping classrooms and house dry to reduce
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