Asthma Is A Common Chronic Disease Worldwide

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Asthma is a common chronic disease worldwide affecting 1 in every 10 individuals, approximating to 2.3 million individuals in Australia (Asthma Australia, 2014). The aetiology of asthma is complex and multifactorial. It is characterised by airway inflammation, persistent airway hyper reactivity, intermittent airflow obstruction and airway remodelling (Maddox L, Schwartz DA, 2002). Asthma is more common amongst individuals living in inner regional and socioeconomically disadvantaged areas compared to those in major cities or outer regional areas (Asthma Australia, 2014).

Recent studies have established that genetic and environmental factors are associated with the development of asthma (Maddox L, Schwartz DA, 2002). Numerous environmental factors such as allergens, air pollution and other environmental chemicals have been associated with the development and increased asthma severity (F. J. Kelly, 2011). Other factors can include low air quality from high ozone levels, traffic pollution as well as smoking during pregnancy and after delivery (Gold, Diane R., 2005). Asthma runs strongly in families; it is believed that three-fifths of all asthma cases are hereditary (WebMD, 2014). According to a CDC report, if an individual has a parent with asthma, that person is three to six times more likely to develop asthma than someone who does not have a parent with asthma (WebMD, 2014).

People with asthma are sensitive to numerous allergies. A trigger is something that causes

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