Asthma Prevalence Of Children Living From New York City

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In this paper, I will explore asthma prevalence of children living in New York City. Asthma is an existing serious public health concern in inner cities and urban environments. Especially children with asthma from low SES families or minority groups face difficulties accessing health care, receiving high-quality continuous care, and preventative education. In other words, there is a disparity in the asthma prevalence and care in New York City.
According to Stingone and Claudio, urgent health care services cost one-third of total asthma health care and the minority children of African American and Latino families had a much higher rate of using emergency department (ED) and hospitalization in urban areas. They found that the prevalence of
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(Stingone & Luz Claudio, 2006)

New York children population
Nicholas and his colleagues found in their study that the children asthma prevalence in East Harlem was about 4 times that of the national prevalence. Specifically, African American children had 3 times higher asthma prevalence. (Nicholas, 2005) Asthma is the leading cause of emergency room evaluations, pediatric hospitalizations, and school absenteeism in New York City (Corburn, Osleeb, & Porter, 2006)

Attempted strategy in New York City
The attempted strategies will be discussed in their chronological order. First, Evans and his colleagues conducted a study to improve asthma care for minority children (African-American and Latino) in New York City in pediatric clinics serving children from low SES families. The study chose New York City Bureau of Child Health clinics and trained its clinic staffs about National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines to diagnosis, manage, screen, and identify asthma cases in children and provide health education for their families. The authors found that after 2 years of intervention and follow-up, there were improvements in access, continuity, and quality of asthma care provided by clinics with trained staffs. This study demonstrated that professional
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