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1. Context This is a movie poster named Space Jam and it was released in 1996. The film was published in 15th November. The movie poster presented on cinema, newspaper, magazine, bus station and website. Warner Brother is the movie producer and it is the source of this movie. The movie of Space Jam combines cartoon and real characters in a partially live action and a virtual animation world. Space Jam contains comedy, sports, sci-fi, animation and icons movie elements. It mainly targets children and family; people who are animation fans, especially Looney Tunes fans; people who are interested in cartoon and people who like sports especially in basketball or fans of Michael Jordan. The purpose of the movie poster plays a…show more content…
The character’s name Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan written in white capital with bold biggest size in the poster top, shows the star of the movie is the biggest selling point. Similarly, the date of November 15 is written in bold is other important information in the poster, remind audiences do not miss the release time. The movie name ‘Space Jam’ written in a cartoony way echo the theme of animated movie, which makes the movie vivid and will attract more audience. The subtitle ‘Get ready to jam’ seems to presage a bit of action elements will be added in this movie. Michael Jordan portrays himself in this movie, and he is smiling seems enjoy being a character in this Space Jam. In the movie poster, he did not wear his No.23 jersey, instead he wears another white jersey, and the marks on the jersey seem to have relevant with plot. All the cartoon characters on the poster look green hand, seems they are grabbed by that green hand, dragging them from one world to another world. Sylvester shaking hands rose to its mouth and panic; Porky pig seems very afraid and turned back to flee; Tweety looks like play on the slide with open arms and very excited; Bugs bunny fist its left hand, and open right hand, its looks very happy and full of energy; Tasmanian devil holding his claws, seems to be trying to scare that green hand’s master; Daffy duck clenched its teeth, looks very nervous. In the poster, all the

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