Astrology And Fate By Daryn Lehoux Analysis

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Summary The purpose of this analysis was to establish the connection between astrology and fate. Written by Daryn Lehoux, author and professor of classics and philosophy at Queen’s University, the text explores the varying philosophical and astrological technical tendencies that were commonly used in ancient times. He also shows the reasoning behind why astrology is able to predict certain things, and why it is believable, via philosophical explanation. With the aid of ancient greek and roman philosophers at hand, Lehoux illustrates the differential case of fate vs free will in a complex manner, leading to contemplation of existence. All of these claims are pseudoscientific, as they have not been proven, however there are no other ideas…show more content…
Although the article was very informative, as an aspiring astronomer myself, I found myself to contemplate some of the pseudoscientific concepts, as I, myself, with the small amount of knowledge of the cosmos I have acquired over the years can personally debate some of these topics. One could suggest that astrology is a field which is not scientific, after reading this article, as it does not rely on evidence and specific experimental results, but on coincidence (“fate”) and inaccuracy. Philosophy is based upon thinking and contemplation, much like how astrology is based upon this as well. Astronomy, however, is the scientific derivative of this, and is based upon mathematical calculation and specific evidence, “It is just the dependence of astrology on the uncertainties of physics that steps astrology as a science down a rung from astronomy. Where the truths of astronomy, being mathematical, are certain and knowable, the truths of astrology, being physical, are merely probable.” (Lehoux, 10) It is good that the author did compare both sides of the topic, but this still left some gaps in explanation as to why astrology could determine fate, because how do “they” know? There is no specific evidence to back up the philosophies behind these theories, only the fact that they have not yet been disproven.
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