Astrology : The Study Of Life On Exo Earth

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Astrology – the study of life on exo-earth
Exo-earth is a plasnet with eath like charactericitics, including circulating around a star
On average 10 planets are discovered a month, hopefully onme will be found in the years to come

The most closetest one is called Gliese 581e, it has a minimum mass around twice as much od earth. But it isn’t completely an exo-planet, it has a star key concepts to determine if a planet is an exo-earth or not; the smallest star has only an 8% mass of the sun, which their cores is unable to sustain hydrogen fusion.
The largest one has 100 times more compared to our sun, however it is these stars that live fast and die young, therefore, these stars are unable to sustain life because by the time the star startrs to die, life would have not been formed yet.
Also, if a star is young, it is most likely the=at there was not enough time for life to emerge on any nearby planets.
Also look at the distance the planet is from the star (habitual zone), it needs to be ther right amount of distance so that it can sustain water at least on part of its surface.
Hz is dependent on the mass and age, a planet needs to be at least in that zone for about a hundred thousand years, thus it is not enough for the planet to be in the hz
The most common star is the M dwarfs which has the lowest mass, the lowest luminousity and the longest main sequence lifetime (at a few hundred gigayears). However this low luminousity means the oplanets need to be close to them.…
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