Astrology and Alchemy - the Occult Roots of the Mbti

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Psychologists and managers may be surprised to discover that the origins of the world’s most widely used psychometric instrument lie in pre-modern systems of knowledge.

Astrology and alchemy – the occult roots of the MBTI by Peter Case and Garry Phillipson
There appear to be no reputable investigations into the influence of astrology and alchemy on organisation and management, which is surprising given the continuing popularity of astrology. Aside from some research into how marketing executives are using astrology to target products and services more effectively, a small number of business books written by professional astrologers and some interest in the financial world, the field remains largely unexplored. Why does
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Reasserting an interest in such practices and the worldviews which underpin them holds out the possibility of breaking with the obsessions of modernity which Burrell believes have wrought far more harm than good for the majority of the world’s population. He urges us to abandon notions of inevitable progress and the rule of rationality, to give up attachment to linear order and to embrace a Nietzschean world of the non-rational. Burrell’s rendering of French philosopher Michel Foucault’s genealogical analysis is particularly relevant to this article. Foucault’s genealogical

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Proponents of the MBTI claim it is the most widely used psychometric test in the world, with an estimated 3.5m tests administered each year in the US alone. It has been translated into two dozen languages and is used in Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Korea and many other countries. Its popularity owes much to the fact that business communities across the globe have found it of practical value – not least because of empirical evidence correlating ‘psychological type’ (as defined by the MBTI) with occupational role. The tool is used to assist decision-making in a variety of management training and personnel areas, including recruitment and selection, career counselling, team-building, organisational change, individual and

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