Astronauts and the Effects of Space

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Astronauts and the Effects of Space Space, an unknown and endless abyss full of mystery and wonder. A beautiful domicile that, as humans, peaks our curiosity. As the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat”, when it comes to traveling to space, humans are slowly dying from their curiosity. Space is a dangerous place, full of mental and physical altering effects. Astronauts, the deep sea divers of space, must train for years to get use to the effects of space. Space is virtually the exact opposite than the home we know as Earth. Humans, along with all organisms on Earth, were created on Earth for Earth and when we dare explore a place without the same environment, we are asking for complications. When a human is exposed to the vacuum of space, we die within minutes. Over the years scientists have developed technologies that help protect us against the deadly features of space, but in reality it only shields us from about fifty percent of all of the harmful effects. Weightlessness changes us physically, while isolation alters us mentally. Space changes the life of any human including the way we travel from place to place, our sleeping and eating habits, and the amount of exercise needed. Traveling to space has many effects on humans both mentally and physically, which is why they endure intensive training and need technology to survive, but even so, die slowly in its clutches. The Vacuum of Space In the vacuum of space, excluding the technology that shields us, no organism
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