Astronomy : The Field Of Study

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A. Define the field of study.
• Astronomy is the study of comets, stars, planets, extraterrestrial life, and everything else in outer space (1)
• Astronomy is different from other fields of science because in astronomy, astronomers can’t have direct contact with what they are studying (2)
B. What do practitioners in this field do in their jobs?
• Practitioners in this field are called astronomers (2)
• Astronomers study the planets, sun, asteroids, comets, and everything else in space (2)
• Astronomers try to understand the universe and try to understand what in the solar system, galaxy, and universe (2)
• They study the evolution of planets and stars to more understand how our solar system works (2)
• Astronomers study physics at work throughout space (2)
• Astronomers study other stars and try to see what types of planets are around them (2)
• Solar astronomers study our sun to find cycles, holes, and other things that can help us understand the sun (2)
• Astronomers figure out the distance between our solar system and other solar systems, between our planet and other planets, between our planet and our sun, and other distances (2)
• Astronomers study and decipher pictures from the telescopes to more understand, or see what they are studying (2)
C. What skills and tools do the practitioners use?
• Astronomers use many different types of telescopes to see things that are very far away (2)
• Astronomers also use satellites to study our earth (2)
• Astronomers

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