Asylum Response Essay

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Holmes and Keith look at how asylum policies and asylum giving have changed in response to 9/11 and compare them to overall changes in the system. They point to specific factors that have shaped the group of asylum applicants that make it to court.
The study is qualitative and data is based on information from the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) (432). The authors designed a logit model to show the relation between factors including legal representation, level of democracy, language, state position on terrorism, presence of Al Qaeda and asylum grants (433).
The authors found that foreign policy, related to the Cold War in the past and to terrorism today, has a strong influence on asylum grants (436). They explain that the IIRIRA 1996 and Real ID Act of 2005 both
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Similarly, the changes in law affect the lives of people it applies to. The IIRIRA and the Real ID Act have made it more difficult for refugees to achieve asylum by adding more specific factors and proof for qualification (431). Many people are not getting asylum as needed because the United States is more focused on state security and foreign relations instead of humanitarianism and justice. The State response is similar to the current issues of increasing international terrorist activity and refugee displacement. After the Paris attacks, the United States found another reason to tighten its immigration policies. Many US states say they will close their doors to refugees based on their country or religion. How will these recent events change asylum policy and process? Definitely, the process of refugee asylum and resettlement is much slower because of the delay in States finding their positions. More restrictions may also decrease the number of asylum applicants and recipients again. How will this affect both domestic and international attitudes and community relations with
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